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Welling shoes are crafted for gentlemen with passion. Those with an eye for detail and a penchant for creativity. Those who will never compromise on comfort or on quality.
We are focused on giving the best comfort and value to our customers so they can be proud to be a part of our Family.


We are proud of what we have to offer. Our designs are continually evolving, harmonizing the timeless with a hint of the avant-garde to create styles that mark you out as a connoisseur.


Great design alone does not make a great shoe.A great fit comes from using a wide range of lasts,international technology like memory foam cushions for all day comfort,leathers of appropriate softness and light-weight soles that ensure that comfort is not sacrificed at the high altar of style.

Our Philosophy

We, at Welling think that comfort is the most valued attribute for a shoe and we are focused at delivering the best comfort as well as value for our family.

We think that we can create value for our family only when they find comfort in our shoes and we are constantly working towards providing both comfort and value.